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Ceph's Page
Mods and How-to's

This is a list of current Modifications, and How-to's


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93 Daytona ES 3.0 This is how my car looked from the factory, you'll have to look at the picture page to see it as of now, much better....

The Daytona's Alterations

So far i've only got a few mods done to my baby, but the list is as follows:

K&N on a custom cold air intake, and APC breather (HOW-TO)

R1 Racing strut tower brace

52mm throttle body from an 88 Caravan, w/ a TPS mod

Timing advanced to 15 degrees initial

Bosch Premium 8mm wires & Bosch platinum +4 plugs, and a matched cap & rotor set

APC Shortened throw shifter (APC made the knob, I shortened the shifter myself)

AutoMeter monster tach

APC Pedal covers

Custom MAGNAFLOW 2.5 in cat-back exhaust

2 in. lowering springs, then an alignment job

20 percent window tint, and APC decal kit(decal kit removed)

Mobil 1 5w-30 Synthetic oil and filter. (filter is $10 at autozone)

5.0 24lb fuel injectors, "modified" reg to +5lbs

I run NOS octane booster, off-road formula, religiously. and i swear by it.

My best run so far in the 1/4 is 15.2 at 92.6 mph (on the G-tech, gotta love it)

Future Modifications

NOS 75 hp kit, and an adjustable pressure regulator, (working on some boost ideas at the moment)

Nitto 225/50/ZR15 NT555's on all 4 corners (after i saw Nitetrain's ride, i'm jealous)

and my imagination runs on, I'll mod this thing til my wallet runs dry......

This page will be updated often, or as money permits...

The Rams head background used on these pages is original artwork by Chance Davis