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93 Daytona ES 3.0 Engine Bay

This is how i built my CAI (cold air intake). First you have to have the stock airbox hose. Flip it around 180 deg. so it runs to the front of the engine bay. then you have to find yourself some piping. I went to my local exhaust shop where i had the Magnaflow exhaust installed, and got a peice of aluminized steel piping, 2.5 inches in diameter. You need to have this piece of piping cut 27 inches long, with a 30 degree bend, about 4 inches from one end. Next you will have to purchase a K&N brand or other filter of your choice. Make sure it will fit into the space between your A/C lines, and has a 2.5 inch ID clamping surface. If you don't have A/C you can go REAL big here. My choice was a K&N oval shaped conical filter with a 30 degree base, 9in long, 4in by 6in oval diameter. It fits real nice, has plenty of clearance, looks decent, and you can ice it down before you run the 1/4 mile. If you need any further help, send me an E-mail. Click to e-mail