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Parts Car

This the car which I am parting out, i will list what's left and what's taken/spoken for.

I recently picked up a 92 Daytona ES 3.0 automatic. I am using a few of the parts off the car for myself, and parting out the rest of the parts. I know some of them are hard to find, and this car was complete. It even runs and drives, with a clean title. But, the price was right for what i wanted. It has 155,xxx miles on the clock.

I will keep this page up-to-date with what has been taken off the car, plus what is still remaining. Eventually I hope to post pics of the cars i helped to fix by parting this one out.

What's Changed?

First update, after compiling the initial list up parts to be sent out. 

9/19/02 - Gone from the car/spoken for: wheels, radiator, headlights, foglights, all tail lights, backup lights, drivers door, drivers ground effects, passenger door molding, rear bumpercover, body computer. The whole interior, and entire running gear is still intact and unclaimed, only cosmetic peices have been sold.


The car before disassembly (wrecked)




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