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Puter Mods
Vinny's machine

My most-recent build

These are some rather old pics, need to update them, but the specs are exact, and the new graphics on the side and UV lighting are to die for.



Vinny's specs:
AMD Athlon XP 3200+ on aMSI K7N2 Delta board, OC'ed to all hell
Nvidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra video card, OC'ed
512 megs of matched GEIL PC3200 DDR (2x256) 1:1
2x Maxtor 120G ATA 133 7200rpm 8 meg HDD's
Samsund DVD-CD-RW combo
Pioneer DVR-AO6
19" flat panel LCD monitor
all the Nforce2, goodies 4.1 surround
cold cathode and UV lighting (switched)
side and top acrylic windows, with 80mm  LED fans mounted (switched)
a total of 9 fans controlled by a DigiDoc 5, and a killer "Chameleon" paint job



qestions or comments, e-mail me at: ceph2(at)