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Ceph's Page
Links Page

A few links to some of my favorite pages


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Some of my favorite sites i thought you might like...

If your lookin for any 3.o mods or Power adders, this is the place you wanna look. Parts for almost every FWD mopar.
More rides than you can imagine, Mine's there too, under Dodge Daytona ;-p

Sith Streetracing homepage
A very good site, where I got alot of ideas, and some pics (Ram's head)

3.0 Power page
a good site for making more ponies

Harv's Page
Harv's site, is a VERY good 3.0 reference page (nice Baron too)

JI Engineering
Paul Berkebile's site, 3.0 Performance Part's

Mopar 3.0 Registery
Mopar 3.0L Registry


Your Complete online FWD racing magazine

Forward Mopar
The Home Of Forward Mopar

Shelby Daytona Home Page
A good site for all the Shelby Daytonas
An Awesome Site For All Things Automotive

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The Rams head background used on these pages is original artwork by Chance Davis