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Ceph's Page
My Daytona

This is a page about my 93 Datona ES 3.0


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This is my Daytona, i've done a few modifications to it. When i got it two years ago it only had 68,xxx miles on it, it's getting ready to turn 94,xxx soon. And it's paid off. I've owned a few firebirds and camaro's and even one stang, but this has got to be the most "fun-to-drive" car i've owned. I had to replace the inlet water pipe, o-ring, water pump, and timing belt at 78,xxx. so she should be good for a while. That's the only "major" repair work done to it. It's seen alot of hard driving, and even some illegal street racing from time to time. I've gotten a few mods to it, and it's been a great experience so far. But, why have toys if ya can't play with them.

More pictures to come, check back soon...

The Rams head background used on these pages is original artwork by Chance Davis