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Ceph's Paintball Extreme
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About Us
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On this page we will describe (eventually) us and our equiptment.

We generally play every Saturday afternoon, from 12:00 til we run out of paint or gas. Usually a 4 to 7 hour escapade, depending on what types of games are played. CTF, free for all, speedball, Terminator, or a good ol' rabbit hunt. (still uploading pics)


Ceph/Joe (this is me)

My equiptment:
Tippmann A-5
barrels: 10" stock, 14" DYE Xcel
Tippmann E-grip
PHAT flamed drop forward
Phat ASA with on/off valve
3000 psi 48cu Pure Energy HPA tank
JT Flex 7 IZE goggle system w/ Xwind
WORR paint competition



Jamie's equiptment
Searching for a new marker



Chad's equiptment:
currently chad is searching for a new marker, but prefers a Tippmann
14oz CO2 tank w/ butt plate
JT goggle sytem
PMI premium paint


Dave (shot up)

Dave's equiptment:
Spyder TL+
12" TL+ barrel
200rd VL hopper
14oz CO2 tank w/butt plate
JT goggle system
PMI premium paint



Rick's equiptmet:
Spyder TL
12" barrel
200rd hopper
9oz CO2 tank
PMI premium paint



Brandon's equiptment:
Rebel deluxe
12" stock barrel
200 rd hopper
12oz CO2 tank
JT goggle system



Mike's Equiptment:
Rebel Deluxe, and a JT accelerator 5.0
12" stock modded (rebel), 16" thunder pig (JT)
Spring kit and vebturi bolt mods
200 rd PMI hopper
20 oz, and a 12 oz, Co2 tanks
JT goggle system
PMI Premium paint


Gabe (no pic available)

Gabe's equiptment:
Spyder one
12" barrel
200rd VL hopper
20oz CO2 tank w/ butt plate
Scott goggle system
PMI premium paint


Beau (no pic available)

Beau's equiptment:
Tippman 98, fully modded
16" sniper barrel
braided bottom line
expansion chamber
bolt and spring kit
200 rd Tippman hopper
20oz CO2 tank w/ butt plate
Scott goggle system
PMI premium paint

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